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Old + Spice

A weekday night… somewhere Brisbane Northside.


Some might presume that the above scene is of some hedonistic over-indulgence. Wrong! And the vertigo and head trauma that followed are testament to the dedication of the individuals at the table to a greater good. It takes a precise focus and deft hand-eye coordination to juggle flavours and aromas in the mind and simultaneously record these impressions in a coherent fashion whilst trying to resist the inexorable alcoholic pull towards intellectual oblivion.

Well, we've done it. We have deciphered the notes we took and constructed a menu of both poise and excitement. Five aged wines from the BLOWFLY repertoire have been paired with some visually and sensually beautiful dishes from Olive Thyme... for you. While we cannot entirely spare you some of the dizzying symptoms that afflicted us on that evening, we believe your tastebuds will be grateful for your sacrifice. And anyway, isn't it great just knowing you don't have to clean up that mess?!


Olive Thyme

293 Sandgate Rd, Albion QLD 4010

Time: 6pm ~ 9pm

Upon Arrival

Greenbottle Brut Reserve NV Starter Bazlama village bread with Hummus and Muhammara dips

Paired with BLOWFLY [rogue] Merlot 2006 Entrée Soujouk Halloumi

Paired with BLOWFLY Chambourcin 2009


Ahtapot [Fremantle octopus] / karnibahar [spiced cauliflower with mint butter]

Paired with BLOWFLY Oak Flight Merlot 2004


Lamb Cutlet

Paired with Cease & Desist Val Cuna 2008



Paired with Maelstrom Riche 2007

[Be sure to us know if you have any special dietary requirements]


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