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The Gang of '4

Call it a tribute, maybe. This is the last time the old gang of '4 will be together. 2004 was one of our most distinct vintages... including a soft Chambourcin with a bold, cognac nose that scored bang last at the Cowra show and yet was our fastest seller; a Merlot that confounded by being dark, earthy, meaty—a "Game-of-Thrones" wine to be consumed with a hunk of red meat; a Petit Verdot that was rich and spicy and demanded a rich winter stew; a Shiraz that was smooth 'n smoky and everything that the typical Aussie shiraz wasn't.

BLOWFLY has always embraced the unexpected and the unusual, and these were some of the best examples. As such, they're some of our favourites. But like children, they've grown up and it's time to say "goodbye". And this farewell package consists of three of each variety for $280, and will be available until... the Chambourcin runs out—we only have a few cases left.

Putting the band back together

But wait... that's not the end of 2004. Stay tuned to hear details of the 2004 Merlot Oak Flight series. This is a box set like no other—six identical wines with six different oak treatments to distinguish them. Coming soon...

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