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Vera says "Yes."

Ok Brisbane, let's talk. Over the years, Blowfly has had the opportunity and the privilege to meet people from many different walks of life—people from distinct backgrounds, with different values and proclivities. Blowfly is broad minded, but still finds the attitude of some people somewhat confounding. There is a tendency for some to think that they occupy some sort of moral high ground and to look down upon the life choices of others. This is maddening as it is saddening.

...fear that an acceptance... will inevitably lead to stores being overrun by moscato... or hibiscus, pomegranate and lime infusions

Now, Blowfly makes no claim to understand how some members of society can have a preference for indulging in bottles of Sauvignon Blanc but he recognises that it is nonetheless important not to dismiss or deride what you don't understand. Moreover, Blowfly is secure enough in his love of aged reds that he doesn't feel threatened by those with a penchant for fruity whites. What people do in their kitchen is their business. No question Marlborough Sauvignon Blancs tend to monopolise the fridge space in the local bottle-o, but this has no impact on on the life of someone who grazes upon the red aisles.

You see, there is room in the store for everyone's choices and more importantly there is room in our hearts to be accommodating of things we don't fully understand or appreciate. We should not discriminate or seek to impose restrictions on the desires of others or fear that an acceptance of them will inevitably lead to stores being overrun by moscato... or hibiscus, pomegranate and lime infusions.

It's time to discard ill-founded prejudice and focus on the beautiful things we have in common. Let’s face it: we are all brothers and sisters with a taste for fermented grape juice. Let's exclaim "Yes" to that... and cheers!

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